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How can you update child custody agreements?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Family Law |

Change is one constant that you can most certainly count on for your life in Illinois. Sometimes, that sentiment applies to the custody arrangement you have with your child’s other parent. Do you know how to go about making such a change in a way that is both legal and fair to your child and the other parent?

Custody X Change lays out a plan you can use for your situation. Hopefully, you can come up with a new arrangement that satisfies everyone involved.

Work with your ex-spouse 

One of the best ways to make this process easy is to collaborate with your child’s other parent to iron out the details of your new arrangement. Bear in mind that the two of you may want to include a special provision that leaves the door open for making more changes in the future. Once you agree on everything, you can take all the necessary paperwork to the courts and have everything officially approved.

If renegotiating the agreement causes contention between you and your ex-spouse, you may need to bring in a legal professional. Doing so can ease much of the stress involved in such a situation.

Prove the change of circumstance

Cooperating with your ex-spouse is only half the equation; you also need to show the court that your custody arrangement request is necessary. Maybe you or the other parent accepted a job offer and need to move, or perhaps your child is older and has a different school schedule. It could even be that you do not feel your child is safe while living with your ex-spouse.

Provide documentation

Be sure to provide proof of the statements made while proving a change of circumstance. For instance, you can use your child’s new school or extracurricular schedule as evidence, or you can show a job offer letter. Maybe you have photographic evidence, emails, text messages or the like proving your child is in danger while in your ex-spouse’s custody.

Throughout updating your custody agreement, keep your child in mind. Remain an advocate for her or his best interests.