When A Parent Wishes To Relocate After Divorce

If your children have lived in Illinois for at least six months and the custodial parent desires to move to another state, the parent seeking the move must obtain court permission. These cases involve complex issues concerning what is in the best interests of the children.

Attorney Marios N. Karayannis has litigated a number of relocation cases and is very familiar with the case law that governs whether the court will or will not grant such a petition. Our law office is in Geneva, and we represent custodial and noncustodial parents in Kane, DuPage, Cook, Kendall, DeKalb and McHenry counties and the surrounding areas. We also handle cases involving changes in child custody.

The Experience To Protect Your Parental Rights

For the custodial parent, it is crucial that his or her attorney have the experience necessary to obtain the permission sought. If this is not the case and the petition is denied, a terrific job opportunity, the chance to move closer to family or any of the many other reasons the custodial parent initially wanted to move may become irrelevant because they could find themselves unable to move.

If you are the noncustodial parent, your ability to see your children on a regular basis will obviously be affected if your former spouse is granted a court order authorizing a move out of Illinois. A close relationship you have spent years building with your kids could suddenly be significantly impacted.

These types of petitions are thus often crucial to both parents as the outcome will have very long lasting and major impacts on everyone concerned. Retaining an attorney who has litigated these types of cases is of vital importance. In Marios you will find a lawyer with significant experience in removal petitions who can assist you in attempting to obtain a fair and favorable result in your case.

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